APIv2- The Possibilities Are Endless

August 12, 2016 Ron Harnik

We recently released our brand new API and we can’t stop talking about it.


As we’ve written in the past, Scalr’s roadmap evolves with our customers’ cloud journeys. As cloud adoption expands in large enterprises, so do the needs of DevOps engineers, developers and IT admins.


APIv2 was designed with customer and community input in mind. The previous API allowed users to automate processes but lacked consistency in requests, responses and error messages. Further, there were too many workflows that were slowed down by a single action that needed to be done manually through the UI.


Watch our free on-demand webinar all about Scalr's robust API V2 and its new capabilities!

Scalr’s new API brings the consistency, ease of use and flexibility our community has asked for.

What’s New in APIv2?

Let’s start with the basics:

  • XML is out, JSON is in

  • RESTful

  • Consistent requests, responses and error messages

  • New command line wrapper - scalr-ctl

  • Available for the Account and Corporate Scope, not just Environments

The fact that APIv2 is available for the Account and Corporate scopes means that managing higher-level objects becomes easier. Scalr employs a hierarchical model: the Corporate Scope represents the company’s cloud deployment and contains multiple Accounts - which map to business units or departments. Each Account can manage multiple Environments.


Previously the API only interacted only with the Environment Scope, which allowed users to make changes relevant just to a specific Environment. With APIv2 administrators can manage Images and Roles at higher Scopes as well as enforce policies, affecting multiple levels of use with fewer actions.

APIv2 Documentation - Explore & Try For Yourself!

Along with the release of APIv2, we launched the new API explorer. The API explorer is Scalr’s easy to use API documentation. In the explorer you’ll find a detailed description of all actions that can be performed with APIv2, as well as tutorials on how to enable APIv2 for on-premises deployments of Scalr.


Cloud Management API


The most exciting part of the API explorer is that it allows you to try out the different calls, right from the page you’re on! To try out a call, scroll down to the “Try it out!” section of any page in the explorer, if it’s your first time trying out a call, you’ll be prompted for your Scalr API key. You can also save the credentials in your browser so you won’t have to keep pasting them in.


Cloud Management API

Remember, you’re making actual API calls to your Scalr setup, so if you’re just playing around make sure you designate a sandbox Environment or Account! Don’t do this on a production Environment!

What Can I Build?

As the title of this post states, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Recently, two of our team members, Jean-Baptiste Beck and Aloys Augustine (Business Development Rep and Solutions Architect respectively) built an APIv2-based simplified storefront over a weekend. Self service is done differently at every organization, and some of our customers wanted a simpler way to offer up a services catalog to their users - while still leveraging Scalr’s policy engine for permissions, governance, chargeback and orchestration.


Cloud Management Storefront

The storefront was such a success that one major prospect was more excited about it than the rest of our demo!

After the success of the storefront I asked the team behind it to join me on a webinar and showcase it. On the webinar we talk about some of the new features available with APIv2, and a few use-cases including how to use APIv2 to configure Scalr servers with Ansible Tower and the storefront. Watch the on-demand webinar here!

Here are some of the other things you can do with APIv2, at a glance:

  •  Manage Images at all Scopes

  •  Manage Roles, including Global Variables, associated Images and Orchestration Rules at all Scopes

  •  Manage Scripts, Orchestration Rules, Custom Events at the Account and Environment Scope

  •  Manage Environments, Teams and Cloud Credentials at the Account Scope

  •  Manage Farms, Farm Roles and Servers in an Environment

APIv2 has been out for a little while and so far the feedback is great, and we’re already working on lots of new features! Feedback is one of those things you can’t get enough of though, so we encourage you to tell us about your experience with APIv2, and ask us any question you might have.

Feel free to contact me directly at ron@scalr.com

As always, thanks for reading.

Scalr API V2

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