Helping Expedia Save 20 Effort Years through Process Automation

October 28, 2014 Megan Tobin

Expedia_Case_StudyWe recently published a case study featuring our customer Expedia, highlighting how they are using Scalr to support their Hybrid Cloud Framework project.  Today, I’m happy to provide you with an exciting update regarding their results. 

One of Expedia’s primary business motivators for its move to a hybrid cloud was to increase business agility. Cloud achieves this by providing developers with the ability to provision resources themselves as needed – rather than through a traditional ticket-based provisioning process.  In automating and streamlining this process for its developers, Scalr has helped significantly improve Expedia’s operational efficiency and business agility – to the tune of twenty years of human effort.


As an industry, we often talk about the promise of cloud computing in growing an organization’s ability to develop faster and in turn innovate faster, which then feeds corporate competitive advantage.  However, it is phenomenal when we can actually see the promise come to fruition. And in Expedia’s case it is fueling time-to-market that is critical to business success in their highly competitive market segment.


Don’t take my word for it. According to Rajeev Khanna, Vice President, Global Infrastructure Services at Expedia, “Since we introduced the Hybrid Cloud Framework a year ago, we’ve launched over 20,000 instances and saved an estimated 20 effort-years through process automation.”


We’re proud to be part of Expedia’s success and its ability to deliver self-service infrastructure throughout the development process, giving Expedia’s many development teams the ability to better implement and test releases without needing to worry about IT policies or wait for IT to manually provision infrastructure.






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