Introducing The Scalr Discovery Manager [+ On-Demand Webinar]

March 11, 2016 Ron Harnik

Scalr helps create a cloud environment where users can operate freely at a self-service model, while financial, governance and security policies are transparently enforced through the Scalr Policy Engine.

The provisioning process in Scalr is designed to encourage cloud-native practices. Ideally, cloud-native applications could easily survive re-provisioning, being built with the ephemeral nature of cloud in mind.

That’s not always the case, we understand that.

Discovery Manager is a new feature that discovers existing cloud instances and onboards them onto the Scalr Cloud Management Platform. Once your cloud instances have been discovered, you can map them to Farms and Farm Roles - gaining a single pane of glass for new and existing applications.


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Discovery Manager offers a way to onboard applications onto Scalr without disrupting them. Instances are discovered, imported and mapped with no outage of any kind.


The Policy Driven Cloud Management


Agentless Management, No Disruption

Any cloud infrastructure provisioned through Scalr automatically uses the Scalr agent (Scalarizr). The agent allows Scalr to provide fine-grained automation, performance metrics, enforce certain governance policies and more.

The agent is lightweight and never communicates any data to Scalr HQ, and all communication between the agent and the Scalr server is encrypted.

Infrastructure onboarded through Discovery Manager is agentless. Our goal was to provide an option for importing existing applications to Scalr without disrupting them. Like most things, this was a tradeoff.

Once you’ve imported your application, you gain the same visibility you would for “Scalarized” infrastructure. Applications provisioned through the self-service catalog and discovered applications can live in the same Farm. For example, if you’re using Scalr to build an automated, cloud-native version of an application, you can create a Farm that load balances traffic between your existing, discovered workloads and your new, cloud-native ones.

Discovered infrastructure benefits from:

   - Visibility: Discovered instances gain much of the visibility available for Scalr provisioned instances. Gain a unified view for networking, storage and security information, server status and CloudWatch statistics.

   - Scalability & Governance: Once an application is imported into Scalr, growth becomes easy. While not all auto-scaling metrics are available without the Scalarizr agent, you can still set new quotas and scale up your application. New instances of an imported application tier will match a template created by the Discovery Manager during the import process. Imported instances will also be subjected to the appropriate governance policies.

   - Financial Control: Cost Analytics is Scalr’s built-in financial tool. It provides an overview of cloud-spend as well as detailed reports and budgeting tools. Cost Analytics will start reporting on onboarded applications as soon as the instances are imported.  

Want to Learn More?

Scalr Discovery Manager


Please feel free to contact me directly with any question or feedback you might have at .

Ron, for the Scalr team.

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