[Live Webinar] Practical Use Cases for Scalr API V2

July 8, 2016 Ron Harnik

Scalr’s robust API abstraction layer is now bigger and better than ever!

We recently launched APIv2, the new and improved Scalr API abstraction layer. Scalr’s APIv2 enables an “infrastructure-as-code” approach to enterprise cloud management. We’re excited to invite you to an upcoming webinar all about the new features and methods available with APIv2. To demonstrate some of the new capabilities introduced with APIv2, we’ll be going through practical use-cases that leverage Scalr’s improved abstraction layer.


Join our free webinar on July 27th at 11am PST - 2pm EST - 6pm GMT; click here!

This webinar will cover:

- New APIv2 features and methods

- How to use the APIv2 documentation

- How to use Ansible Tower to configure Scalr-provisioned servers

- How to use APIv2 to create a simplified storefront


Speaker: Ron Harnik - Product Marketing Manager




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