[On-Demand Webinar] The Benefits of a Single Interface to Manage Clouds

October 6, 2016 Ron Harnik

Should enterprises have a single gateway to public cloud usage? How does the “single pane of glass model” affect self-service?


Join our upcoming webinar about AWS & Azure and the benefits of a single pane of glass!

So your CIO finally decided to go with AWS. Or Azure. Or both. Now instead of asking “which Cloud should we choose” you might be asking “How are we going to make this work without making a mess?”

The Cloud is great for self-service and agility, but not so great for control or financial visibility. In this webinar we’ll discuss how enterprises are delivering Cloud to end-users in a secure, cost-effective and responsible manner. We’ll examine different models of Cloud consumption and how a single of pane of glass can create a more efficient enterprise Cloud environment.




Register to this webinar to learn about:

  • The benefits of unified management for corporate cloud usage
  • The visibility challenge and how to solve it : who’s using what?
  • AWS and Azure - How enterprises are handling both
  • Scalr’s approach to the “Single Pane of Glass” Model



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