Reaching for the Stars: JPL Selects Scalr for Cloud Management

October 21, 2014 Sebastian Stadil

Nasa JPL Cloud Adoption

We are excited to announce today that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has contracted with Scalr to use our Cloud Management Platform to manage its AWS public cloud and OpenStack-based Nebula One private cloud. 

Jet Propulsion Labs, for those of you not in the know, is a federally funded research and development center and NASA field center. JPL is currently working on the proposed Europa Clipper Mission, eponymously named after Jupiter’s moon which it will survey. This is the stuff of boyhood dreams, and the fact that we’ll get to help JPL over the course of this potential fifteen year mission is really exciting.

Particularly, we are looking forward to helping JPL manage its hybrid cloud environment, including helping the organization meet security and regulatory requirements. As a federally funded laboratory, JPL is subject to a variety of federal regulations including FISMA, ITAR and NIST guidelines – all regulatory standards Scalr can actively help JPL achieve and manage – across both highly popular consumer facing websites and confidential, internal workloads.

JPL specifically chose Scalr to manage its hybrid cloud infrastructure as it allows the organization to centralize management in a single platform, which lets JPL IT focus its efforts on the commonalities across projects. This in turn allows JPL to reduce duplicative work, saving engineers and scientists time as they access the Scalr console at the platform tier. To provide this elastic infrastructure, JPL will be able to create an abstraction layer on top of OpenStack-based Nebula One and AWS to act as a platform for application deployment and provide the ability to control who has access to which applications and data, and where they are deployed.

JPL is going to see the promise of a hybrid cloud strategy in action facilitated by self-service development provisioning. And, Scalr global orchestration will allow JPL IT to set, manage and transparently enforce policy-based compliance across their private and public clouds.

We are looking forward to applying our experience on the Europa mission to JPL’s other many long-term, phase-based projects with highly variable infrastructure and application needs.  



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