Scalr 6.1 Introduces Container Discovery

August 15, 2016 Ron Harnik

Not long ago we released Scalr 6.0, the biggest Scalr release to date.


Scalr 6.0 was a major architectural change for Scalr, one that allowed us to expand Scalr’s arsenal of cloud management solutions more rapidly. New tools like the Discovery Manager, Garbage Collector and APIv2 have already been adopted by the Scalr community and your amazing feedback started rolling in.

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Based on that feedback and our customer-driven roadmap, we’re excited to move forward with Scalr 6.1.

Major Enhancements to Discovery Manager

The Discovery Manager allows administrators to discovery existing cloud servers and import them into Scalr in a disruption-free process.  Now that the tool has been out for a while and has seen some action, we’re happy to introduce Discovery Manager’s next evolution: container discovery and Scalr agent deployment.


Container Discovery

In phase 1 of the introduction of containers to Discovery Manager, you are now able to automatically detects Docker containers deployed on virtual machines, gain visibility into deployed containers with key information such as container image, launch date, labels, volumes, network information, etc.

Container Discovery also includes an intelligent search and filtering capability to locate containers which meet defined metadata.  

Scalr software update

To learn how to discovery containers please check out our documentation.


Agent Deployment on Discovered Servers

While Discovery Manager makes the process of onboarding existing infrastructure easier, discovered servers enjoy only some of Scalr’s management capabilities. For example, discovered servers can be monitored for cost but cannot have a script executed on them through orchestration rules.

6.1 introduces the “Deploy Agent” option for discovered servers. Now you can install the Scalr agent on imported servers, and gain all the benefits of Scalr management on existing infrastructure.

Scalr software update

To learn how to deploy the Scalr agent to discovered servers, please check out our documentation.


Other exciting additions to Scalr 6.1 include:

  • Google Cloud Policy Additions: the Scalr Policy Engine now includes the ability to enforce policy for Google    Cloud networks and subnets.
  • RDS and ELB Tagging: updates to Scalr tagging policy to tag RDS and ELB instances. RDS and ELB instances are tagged based on the Farm that they are associated with.
  • Support for EC2 Dedicated Instances
  • New Global Variables to support RDS defaults: Scalr Global Variables can be used to set defaults for Amazon RDS, including maintenance window, backup window and backups retention period)


Scalr 6.0 is available now for Scalr Enterprise! To learn more about Scalr 6.0 watch our on-demand webinar!  

Scalr 6.0 Enterprise Grade Cloud Management Platform


For any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me directly at .

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