Scalr now supports Microsoft Azure

August 11, 2015 Ron Harnik




My name is Ron, and I recently joined the Scalr team as product marketing manager. It is my privilege today to announce that earlier this week, we added support for Microsoft Azure, the third and last hyperscale cloud to be supported by Scalr. 

 Scalr brings governance, control and cost efficiency to the Azure ecosystem, enabling users to automate and enforce policy on the deployment of Azure Virtual Machines. Scalr’s approach has always been to build technology that encourages the cloud-native practices that allow organizations to fully benefit from the cloud. You can now extend those practices to Azure. 


Watch our on-demand webinar "Managing Azure Workload with Scalr"


You can now redeploy your cloud-native applications into Azure in order to reduce cost, take advantage of Azure applications services, or take advantage of their larger geographic footprint.


And to our friends from the Azure community: welcome! You’ll be benefiting from:

  • A powerful, declarative, multi-cloud API

  • A comprehensive Governance and Policy Engine, useful for re-establishing control over workloads for compliance or other enterprise use cases such as sprawl containment, budget policies, and access control


From the Microsoft Azure Blog:

Scalr on Azure will be available immediately in 19 regions (soon to be 24), supporting more regions than AWS and GCE, combined. This broad global coverage that Azure offers will enable you to run your application closer to your end-customers or employees while offering simple management of cloud-native infrastructure using Scalr. You can even combine deployed Virtual Machines with a wide range of Azure PaaS services, like Azure Web Apps, Mobile Apps, or Logic Apps.

Support for Microsoft Azure is available today in the Enterprise Edition and will be included in the next release of the Community Edition.

We’re very excited to join the growing Azure ecosystem and look forward to enabling Scalr users to build out cloud-native infrastructure on Azure.

If you’d like to learn more about Scalr or our integration with Azure, consider watching our on-demand Scalr-Azure webinar, or if you are a hands-on kind of person, you can request an evaluation of Scalr Enterprise Edition.

I’m incredibly excited to join the Scalr team and in case you want to drop me a note and say hello, my email is Please leave any questions you might have in the comment section below.  

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