[Webinar] VMware & Scalr - How Datacenters Fit In Your Cloud Strategy

November 7, 2016 Ron Harnik

Most enterprises are already using Cloud in some way, but how do their existing VMware datacenters fit into their Cloud strategy?

More and more enterprises are undertaking huge cloud adoption projects, building and deploying cloud-native applications on AWS and Azure. Something else that most of these enterprises have in common is massive existing VMware workloads. Over the years VMware has provided reliable solutions to some of the same problems AWS, Azure, GCP, and OpenStack are attempting to solve. There is, however, a fundamental difference in approach. AWS and vCenter might not work in the same way, and the AWS admin and the VMware admin might not think in the same way.





Some of the topics we’ll be covering are:

  • How enterprises are approaching cloud adoption with existing VMware deployments
  • The differences between VMware applications and AWS applications
  • Scalr’s native support for vSphere - technical demo

Join us for this upcoming webinar as we discuss how enterprises are leveraging VMware as part of their cloud infrastructure, and how Scalr’s new native support for VMware helps.

This webinar will be conducted by Igor Savchenko, CTO at Scalr and Ron Harnik, Product Marketing Manager.




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